The organisation relies on the support of volunteers to deliver astronomical experiences with the wow factor.  With an interest in the sky above and an enthusiasm to share it with others your contribution will help us deliver an out of this world experience to the local community.

Don't worry if you aren't an expert, none of us were when we started volunteering.  We will train and mentor you and ensure you are comfortable before letting you fly solo.   Some of our routine needs are for ...


Newsletter Editor / Online content (2-4 hours / week)

Communication is our greatest challenge.  Do you have a knack and passion for getting the right message to the right people at the right time?  We're looking for someone to take over our monthly membership newsletter as well as our web and social media sites. 

Caretaker / Cleaner (1-2 hours / week)

This is one of our most important jobs and currently is happening haphazardly as people see thing that need doing.  If you're one of those people that like to help but stay in the background we would truly be grateful to have our facility always looking spic and span for our guests. 

Primary School Program Manager (2+ hours/week - According to demand)

I've never met a kid who didn't like Space and Dinosaurs.   Currently we get a reasonable interest from Primary schools for daytime visits to the Planetarium and we would like to encourage more of them.  However this means we need your help.   Bookings are usually several weeks or more in advance, and this role also comes with a re-imbursement for expenses (travel, materials, etc.).  

You don't necessarily need to be a fully qualified teacher, but having a passion for introducing the youngest minds in our community to Space is essential.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this vital role.

In addition to the current vacancies we are always looking out for volunteers in all areas.  If you think you can contribute in one of our listed roles, or one we haven't thought of please get in touch.

  • Planetarium Ambassador
  • Front of House / Reception
  • Telescope Operator
  • Planterium Presenter

Please email director@planetariumnorth.co.nz with your details if you would like to assist us.